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Upcoming indie film LOW KEY aims to elevate, inspire, and engage

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

In late November, Dallas Art Beat was invited to an exclusive press meet and greet for the upcoming independent film, LOW KEY. The meet and greet included scenes from the film, and interview opportunities with the cast, Executive Producer Serges Himbaza, and Director and Producer Rock White. The energy of unity, excitement, and determination was palpable in the room.

Currently in pre-production with filming slated to begin mid-December, this film touts authentic locality: it’s “Dallas based, Dallas driven, and Dallas crafted.” Another aspect of the project that makes LOW KEY unique is the fact that it’s an all-Black film.

Directed by Rock White, LOW KEY is the story of an unfulfilled salesman and his eccentric streetwise manager who come together to navigate the shadowy musical underground of Dallas for a chance at a record deal. This urban comedy focuses on the power of creative ambitions and the importance of pursuing your true passion in life.

LOW KEY aims to deliver an even deeper experience that just a powerful film – not just for audiences, but for the actors and crew involved as well. A key theme among the group is the desire not only to tell a fantastic story about going after your true desires in life, but to elevate and highlight the contribution that African Americans make to society. Often, black characters in films are not seen as business owners or successful creatives. This film project hopes to change that by depicting black characters that transcend stereotypes.

As cast member Jasmine Gammon (character ‘Big Britt’) told us in the cast Q&A panel: “I mainly resonate with the fact that there are brown and black people that own something, that are in charge of something. I think that's really an important story to tell because of what is normally our narrative in a movie. I love the fact that there are managers and CEO’s [in the film] that are African American. We don't hear that story very often.”

The film seems to be providing the cast and crew with a personal sense of responsibility as well. Many cast members referenced the opportunity to be on camera as a way to be role models in their personal communities. They spoke of hard work, determination, and working with other people to achieve your dreams. When Director Rock White and Executive Producer Serges Himbaza spoke, they both shared about the tight community they’re aiming to create through the project. It was inspiring and hopeful to be in a room with people dedicated to creating a positive and uplifting experience for not only the cast and crew, but for the audience. Their collective motto was clear: if the cast and crew are happy, unified, and truly collaborative, audiences will get the added benefit of a highly positive movie watching experience that extends beyond the story line.

Moving forward, the cast and crew of LOW KEY have a lot of work ahead of them. As the holiday season churns forward, they will begin their filming process and finally have a chance to put the months of character work and creative design work in action. When the film wraps, I have no doubt they’ll be left with a memorable and inspiring film.

Make sure to follow the progress of LOW KEY on social media: Facebook: @lowkeyfall2020 and Instagram: @lowkeymovie.


LOW KEY is Directed and Produced by Rock White, with Executive Producer Serges Himbaza.

Key cast members include:

Corey Pratt as Keyshawn

Jasmine Gammon as Big Britt

Nadirah Shakir as Iman

Galvin Gabriel as Rock

Snoop Robinson as Petey

Paige Guillory as Karen

Chris Murdaugh as Sensei Ray

LeJoseph Johnson as Roscoe

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