• Cristee Cook

Independent short film, 'Lonely in the Shadows' is a gritty shot of pain

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

The short film, Lonely in the Shadows, written and directed by independent filmmaker J.D. Glasscock, is a gritty and graphic set of short scenes pieced together in a pulp-fiction meets Film Noir style. It's a short film slash trailer/teaser for a television show called Celestial Moon, also created by Glasscock. The 15-minute story was filmed entirely in Dallas and released in 2016.

The movie is a dark mix of dingy realism and a nightmarish, lurid oppression. Filmed in black and white with heavy shadows and stark imagery, it opens with a crackle-voiced Narrator reciting a primal, sexual poem which sets the tone for the rest of the story. There’s an odd romantic nostalgia that permeates from the sultry vocals of the poem, underscoring an image of a full moon on the water at night. This opening scene sort of lulls you in with a false sense of ease because the film is neither romantic nor gentle.

The first scene, 'Abigail - Heroine Dreams' shows a drugged damsel in distress in a heroine daze under a heavy filter and musical underscore. As the film progresses, we go back in time and relive the atrocious events that lead Abigail down the path of addiction.

There's a distinct energy of fatalism in the world Glasscock has created, as each scene contains a shocking scenario of violence: brutal language, domestic abuse, rape, and even murder. How (or if) anyone can escape this nightmare is never offered in the story line, and it offers no character redemption. Instead, this short film is a wide-awake presentation of the shadow side of humanity.

Glasscock has passionately committed to his style of storytelling. The story has a sardonic tone, with a high-concept, almost melodramatic acting style, weighty photography and effects, and a contemporary music underscoring key moments. Lonely in the Shadows is 15 minutes of raw pain, presented with a lot of style.


Written and Directed by J.D. Glasscock, Lonely in the Shadows can be viewed on YouTube at this link: Lonely in the Shadows. To learn more about Glasscock, visit his YouTube channel.

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