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Drop deep into self adoration in 'Disturbance' at Sweet Tooth Hotel

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

The wall of conversation candy hearts at Sweet Tooth Hotel lulls you in with syrupy security. Everything is a little bit pink, shades of neon pastel and futuristic glam, but once you enter Disturbance: An Immersive Theater Experience presented by Sweet Tooth Hotel and Arts Mission Oak Cliff, the saccharin innocence reveals a dark side.

Me at 'Disturbance' - Sweet Tooth Hotel - at the beginning of the party.

I went into the event thinking about the word disturbance and how I thought it might apply to this immersive experience. But once I got inside, my logic melted away. I found an almost immediate desire to have fun and allow myself to play along. I felt a fresh excitement at not knowing exactly what I would encounter. In that moment, I didn't want to be an art blogger - I just wanted to be a part of the story I found myself in.

Directed by Anastasia Munoz and Jeffrey Colangelo, this party is beautiful, sensual, and tactile. It's a feast for your senses. You can't help but dive in.

Once you walk through the bright pink double doors, the installation takes on the persona of Candy Corp. – a company that specializes in helping you create your very best self. But really, Disturbance succeeds in creating a new dimension. This dimension is both the past (it’s New Years Eve, 1999 - party of the century) and the present/future (we took lots of selfies on our smart phones) and the timelines converge to show both the hope and insanity of social media and vanity.

Disturbance allows you to have the dual experience of being both observer and participant, and moment by moment, you get to choose. It’s a theatrical experience, even employing abstract dance and curated design to tell the story, but it’s also a social experiment. Will you become a wallflower, or will you become a character in the story? How far will you go?

With Candy Corp., you can access a perfected version of yourself. You stay as long as you'd like at Sweet Tooth Hotel, where Candy Corp. is God - both in its ability to grant all your wishes and its ability to control you. Glamour and the promise of immortal devotion (through social media status) is seductive, visceral, and omniscient.

Me and @holly_holsonback partying at Sweet Tooth Hotel.

The hosts are also seductive. If you play along, they’ll tell you how beautiful you are. They pose you for pictures against the delicious backdrops and regal furniture. They tag you in their Instagram accounts. They invite you to drop down deep into self-adoration. I found myself allowing it all while simultaneously questioning whether or not I could or should trust them. There’s a mystery about the place and the people in it, and an awareness that if you stay there you pay a terrifying price. This was all deliciously potrayed by the cast:

Bryttany Barrick, Caddo Lindsey, Hilly Holsonback, Jakob Way, Jeff Colangelo,

Kirsten Osborn, Lauren Kravitz, and

Renee Ashford.

What do you think of the new me?

Personally, I loved it. I highly encourage you to experience it for yourself. There’s a fantastic freedom in embracing the madness of temporary adoration. At Disturbance you can be anyone you choose to be, no matter the cost. It will leave you excited, bewildered, and a little more beautiful than when you started.


Disturbance: An Immersive Theater Experience is presented by Sweet Tooth Hotel and Arts Mision Oak Cliff. Catch one of the last two chances to experience it on Friday or Saturday (October 25-26, 2019). Doors open at 8 pm, show from 8:30-9:30 pm at Sweet Tooth Hotel. Reserve your tickets online HERE.

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