• Christopher Soden

Bootstraps Comedy Theatre delivers intelligent humor in 'Gold, Frankincense, and Credit Card Debt'

Lurking somewhere between the amusing and the hilarious, the clever and genuinely witty, the dining room and the insane asylum, you will find: Gold, Frankincense, and Credit Card Debt, created by Bootstraps Comedy Theater. Gold, Frankincense...is a series of sketches taking us from November to January, eliciting the foibles, unsavory desires and pathology often found in the context of holiday celebration and merriment. Excavating possibilities from such traditional scenarios as the holiday office party, the white elephant exchange, parents divulging that Santa doesn’t exist, the advent of December snowfall (to name but a few) Gold, Frankincense...dares to drag us into the alternative universe of deranged outcomes.

Speaking for myself, nothing is off-limits, as long as it’s funny. Tastelessness, raunch, blasphemy, body fluids, who cares, as long as I’m tickled. It’s a bit of a buzzkill, however, when comic writers all seem to use the same toolbox. Shock value, the disgusting, pop culture, pretentiousness, can all be serviceable, but will only take you so far. Something infinitely enjoyable about this particular show, is the intersection of intelligence and imagination. Much of the material (naked seniors in flagrante described as “the slowest orgy I’d ever seen,” courtship expressed in marketing jargon) becomes exponentially more comical, the more we ponder. Many of the pieces go in unexpected directions, fusing irony with the delightful implausibility of fate. A hapless driver who cannot escape the ubiquitous cheer of radio yuletide tunes, felt inspired and definitely relatable.

The cast of Gold, Frankincense.. (Jenna Anderson, Jeremy Whiteker, Jeff Swearingen, Rachel Farmer, and Jim Kuenzer) bring a loopy, charismatic playfulness to the material. Wielding cynicism like Nunchucks., but still leaving room for moments of sweetness. The timing is spot on, wisely triggering blackout, once the sketch has reached its comic arc. More than once I found my expectations confounded, a wonderful gift when it comes to humor. As so many have observed, comedy calls for a special kind of chemistry. Delivery, tone, language, zeitgeist, intuition. All these components must harmonize, while hopefully, still feeling fresh and spontaneous. There were a few times I wondered if some of the gags were better on paper, but that being said, there’s nothing better than a sharp, nimble, mischievous gang of comics who consistently take risks.


Gold, Frankincense, and Credit Card Debt: A December Sketch Comedy Show takes the Theatre Three stage: December 13, 14, 20, 21, 27 and 28 at 8:30PM.

2800 Routh Street #168, Dallas Texas 75201.

Tickets available at the Box Office: (214) 871-3300 or online at: www.Theatre3Dallas.com.

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